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Who We Are

Samarth Electric stands as a distinguished electrical contracting and engineering firm in Mumbai. With over 2 years of experience, our dedicated team leads the industry with expertise and commitment.

What We Do

At Samarth Electric, we illuminate possibilities. From intricate government projects to cutting-edge commercial spaces, our comprehensive electrical solutions bring excellence to every endeavor.

Our Goal

Our mission revolves around brighter futures. We strive to electrify lives and businesses with unwavering dedication, setting safety benchmarks, and delivering top-quality services that make a lasting impact.

What We Do
At Samarth Electric

At Samarth Electric, our journey is defined by excellence. With a relentless pursuit of innovation, we are committed to illuminating the way for a brighter, electrified future.

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Empower your spaces with seamless internal and external electrification solutions. Our expert team ensures safe and efficient electrical installations for residential and commercial properties

Creating Electrical Substations with Cable Trays, cabling. Skilled engineers ensure plant electrification. Own panel manufacturing streamlines work.

Strategically placed poles for well-lit, secure environments in residential and commercial spaces.

Reliable fire alarm installations for swift detection and response to potential hazards.

Essential fire hydrant systems for quick and effective fire response in emergencies.

Comprehensive CCTV surveillance solutions for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Efficient HVAC systems ensuring comfortable, energy-saving climate control in any space.

Essential protection against electrical surges for property and equipment safety.

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